Inyurmania / Goz Mongo Alliance [Second Edition / Ltd. 100]



Limited Edition 100 copies

A split-LP with two of Swedens finest industrial bands.
Same members in both groups, the three members are old fans of the analog sound, old machines and the way they behave, and don´t behave.
Perfect and fascinating mixture between old-school-industrial, avantgardisch NWW-like-Stytle and early Minimalsounds as Clock DVA and Cabaret Voltaire .

Inyurmania (IYM): Experiments with tapeloops, feedbacks, raw analog synthersizer sounds and screaming vocals.
All recorded ln their studio, a collaboration between man and machine.

Goz Mongo Alliance: Explores the attitude of rhythmic industrial funk. Rhythm-boxes, synthersizers, bass and the fundamental core. Structured patterns and pure analog sound.

Second edition of 100 copies
Album comes with aditional 16 page LP-Sized booklet !

Tracklist :
A1 Inyurmania – Carcrash Elevator Radio Music
A2 Inyurmania – Your Life Is Bitter Sweet When I Try To Peel The Skin Of Your Feet
A3 Inyurmania – This Could Be The Final Frontier
A4 Inyurmania – Painkillers
A5 Inyurmania – Suicide Is Painless
A6 Inyurmania – A Boy On A Bike With Bad Temper
A7 Inyurmania – Död Soldat
A8 Inyurmania – Pass You By With An Evil Eye

B1 Goz Mongo Alliance – Burning Inside
B2 Goz Mongo Alliance – Days Go By
B3 Goz Mongo Alliance – Die For This
B4 Goz Mongo Alliance – Schizofrenic
B5 Goz Mongo Alliance – Against My Will

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