L'Ultimo Canto della Pornografia


12" Vinyl + Music Cassette (OELP 016) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 50 copies


  • Eleonora + L'ultima Notte All'EUR

"L'ultimo canto della Pornografia" (“The last Act of Pornography” for English) collects 6 tracks by LE COSE BIANCHE (LCB) recorded in the months before the X CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE, the kell known OEC label festival held on October 31 2015 in Bologna at club Kindergarten, in which LCB accompanied by SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS was doing his first and last live appearance.

The three tracks of LP side A are unreleased tracks recorded in studio with Paolo Bandera (Sshe Retina Stimulants) and was exclusively featured at the CONGRESSO.
LP's Side B contains other two unreleased tracks recorded in studio by Giovanni Mori, while the third track is a live version
of "Come se la Pornografia non fosse mai esistita" recorded during the LCB live-set at the CONGRESSO, this was the last track of this special live-section and features as special guest also ANDREA CHIARAVALLI  aka IUGULA-THOR on vocals.

< "L'ultimo canto della Pornografia" is all what I nevr told and was overdue to be told after the “Porn Trilogy”.
“L'ultimo canto della Pornografia" is really the last act of all what I am.
After this, much probably, we will no longer meet >
< Giovanni Mori >

This special and completely analogue release is strictly limited to 50 hand-numbered and signed copies and includes:
§ one LP in good old black vinyl
§ one black Music Cassette wrapped in gauze
§ a couple of b/w copied inserts
§ black LP cover with b/w copied art-work
§ surgical set of "suture thread and curved needle"
All in the good old Industrial way!

NB: Strictly limited and hand-numbered edition of 50 copies.

§  LP
A1  Eleonora
A2  L'indissolubile legame fra sesso e morte (New Version)
A3  Ultima notte all'EUR
B1  L'ultimo canto della Pornografia
B2  La Sindrome del Tramonto
B3  Come se la Pornografia non fosse mai esistita (featuring Iugula-Thor and Sshe Retina Stimulants - Live October 31 2015)

§ Music Cassette
A  Quando la Pornografia era decisamente tutto
B  Fagocitando l'amore di un altro

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