Look into Me

ZOVIET FRANCE [:zoviet*france:]

2xLP (VOD165.07/8) -

Limited Edition 300 copies

That album was first released in 1990 as LP+12" and in CD format.
Since than it was never re-released, finaly here comes the vinyl re-edtion.
Zoviet France cycle and recycle abstract noises into a constantly changing texture, composed of sonorous drones, grindings, scrapings, squeakings and so on.
It's atmospheric without conjuring up any obvious imagery at all, thanks to the unreality of most of the sounds used.
Occasionally, the overtly machine-like nature of some sounds has a familiar feel.
A section of "Cair Camouflet" has been used as part of the soundtrack to the film 'Loud Visual Noises' by Stan Brakhage.

A1 Cair Camouflet

B1 Levenswitch
B2 At the Moment
B3 Fidgety Foot
B4 Low Creeper
B5 Second Sight
B6 Deekintaemae
B7 Kess Saffer Plaint

C1 Melangell
C2 Look into Me
C3 Scatter
C4 Kinto-Me
C5 Amadan
C6 Surge

D [blank Side]

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