Sacrifice (2013)

MARS [ex :Golgatha:]

12" Sigle Sided (LK020) - LICHTERKLANG

MARS is the psychedelic pagan folk brotherhood that arose from the ashes of the well-known ritual folk band :Golgatha: and presents a unique and powerful new vision of ecstatic music to awaken ancient spiritual energies by guitars, drums, viola and two male voices.
After the puristic debut-album ‘Sons of Cain’ the new MARS-e.p. ‘Sacrifice’ is a cycle of hymns to the old gods, including a folky version of ‘Northern Cold’ by Canadian Black Metal-band Woods of Ypres and a new interpretation of ‘Icarus Falling’ by :Golgatha:.

The one-sided Etched 12” is limited to 250 copies and features an exclusive and beautiful runic artwork by German painter Nadine O. Demmler.
Also includes a "Downloadcode".

1. Icarus Falling
2. Sacrifice
3. Northern Cold
4. Don’t You Ever Feel
5. Ignition I

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