Sacrifice (2013)

MARS [ex :Golgatha:]

12" Sigle Sided (LK020) - LICHTERKLANG

MARS is the psychedelic pagan folk brotherhood that arose from the ashes of the well-known ritual folk band :Golgatha: and presents a unique and powerful new vision of ecstatic music to awaken ancient spiritual energies by guitars, drums, viola and two male voices.
After the puristic debut-album ‘Sons of Cain’ the new MARS-e.p. ‘Sacrifice’ is a cycle of hymns to the old gods, including a folky version of ‘Northern Cold’ by Canadian Black Metal-band Woods of Ypres and a new interpretation of ‘Icarus Falling’ by :Golgatha:.

One-sided 12” limited to 250 copies and features an exclusive and beautiful runic artwork by German painter Nadine O. Demmler.
Also includes "Downloadcode".

1. Icarus Falling
2. Sacrifice
3. Northern Cold
4. Don’t You Ever Feel
5. Ignition I

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