Masters 1992

NJURMANNEN (Deutsch Nepal)


"Lina Deutsch Nepal" used to be a former member of that Nordic Neo-Pop electro band !
Originally released on tape 1985.
A bit ruffer sound than their first cassette and also the original mastertape was not in the best shape but still worth releasing it!
Real special "Synth-Pop" a sound only Njurmännen can make...!!
Some weird dark sounds are also on that album...
OEC Tip !

Tracklist :
A1 Your Skin 3:42
A2 Kräken 1:43
A3 Realism 5:28
A4 1992 3:13
A5 FBA 1:05
B1 Snurra Kuggarna 3:26
B2 Utdrag Ur "Helvetesmusik 1 & 2" 2:11
B3 Space Bullets 2:41
B4 Niklas Holm I Spanien 2:03
B5 Muinark Lobarap 4:45

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