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  • Larvae Rex Caelestis
  • Truth and Revelation

All LPs have a small manufacturing defect:
all delivered discs are not perfectly flat, they have a slight inclined shape which however does not prevent the perfect reproduction of the sound.
We like to clarify this before your order but don't hesitate ordering such item as this small flaw is almost invisible and has no side efects.

Nordvargr makes a triumphant return to the darkambient scene after a few years of silence. Having focused more on the harsher and electronic music styles for a while he felt that he had a couple of new ideas to try out and he sure delivers.
"Murkhr" is a multiformat release that spans over a whole vinyl LP and CD and is probably among the most dark journeys into sound that has been made in the studio at Villa Bohult. Imagine the deepest passages from his debut "Awaken" being mixed with solemn orchestrations and shamanistic chants.
The mandatory darkambient release of 2012.

Best Nordvargr bloody deep and dark sounds :
"Mörker" is Swedish for darkness
"Murk" is English for dark, obscure
"Murkhr" is something inbetween : murky darkness and obscurity...

LP comes in a full-colour Gatefold cover including :
§ CD in full-colour carton sleeve
§ 2 full-colour inserts printed on a special quality cardboard
§ 1 Nordvargr button

Tracklist :
§ LP
A. Set
B. Setting

§ CD
1. Larvae Rex Caelestis
2. Murkhr
3. Ayahuasca Aldebaran Axis
4. Wearing the Karnak Horns
5. Interdimensional Drift
6. The Alchemical Vessel
7. Truth and Revelation
8. Triumphant Return to the Flesh

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04.01.2013 - Onda Rock

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