Perla Anthem (20th Century is Dead)


7" Flexy-Disc / Lathe-Cut (OESR 006) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 23 copies

[Alfred Kubin, Die andere Seite ]
"Those that hold power over truth are creatures of day and light. They create laws.
Those who are rejected by the truth are creatures of dark. They are unwanted, distorted, humiliated, outlawed and marked as evil, ugly and dangerous. But they are only viewed as such by those who have captured the truth.
Others make no such distinctions. Hell was created in heaven.
Anger, threats and conflicts are products of heaven.
Heavenly creatures have created the mortals so that they could redeem their own sins and thus remain clean and shiny forever.
One should beware of things that shine. Heaven and Hell – they are the same.
There is no escape from Paradise."

"Perla Anthem" is an exclusive :AutopsiA: track released only for this special Box edition.
"Perla Anthem" is the missing track to the "Damnatio Memoria" album.
"Perla Anthem" is another Dramatic / Neo-Classic composition by the cult project of Death-Industrial.

Limited edition of 23 numbered copies including:
§ Special silkscreened thick cardboard Box
§ Lathe-Cut Flexy-Disc cutted from a 100% clear-vinyl disc
§ Hand-numbered certificate
§ Silkscreened B3 Poster printed on brown recycled paper
§ Silkscreened B3 poster printed on white paper
§ Thanatopolis post-card
§ Thanatopolis full-colour oversized post-card

A. Perla Anthem  3:43

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