Rape GG



RARE and highly sought after vinyl

NB: cover is not in perfect conditions due to long storage and has one bent corner plus some creases but looks anyway very good!

Self co-released by Costes & Suckdog in 1988.
Brutal, extreme and chaotic noise and voices.

Costes : Voice, guitar, toy organ, noise
Suckdog : Voice, noise

Includes a gatefold insert: "My Life with GG: An Interview with Lisa Suckdog. 22June1988"
"GG is the king of UNDERGROUND lisa Suckdog Loves GG, COSTES, the French weirdo, loves Lisa. He has come to America to become the new king, and to win the hand of Lisa".

a1  GG Listen To Me 1:35
a2  Rape GG 2:45
a3  The Crumbs 4:00
a4  Fucking Slow 1:10
a5  Drink And Fuck, I Fight 7:10
a6  GG The Dwarf 3:30
b1  Making Dinner For George 2:45
b2  Rock Your Shit 5:45
b3  Riding The Pony 2:15
b4  I Am Your Fate 5:00
b5  Farewell Song 4:50

This is rare!
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