The Quiet War



Slagskygge’s The Quiet War is grounded in industrial, utilising influences from dubstep and the melancholy moods of post-black metal, creating a dark and disturbing soundscape. The sound of sinister machines, massive beats and broken dreams.
10 dark and brooding instrumentals with a total playing time of 40 minutes.
A short, dystopic science fiction short story written by Slagskygge is included.

Slagskygge is a solo project for Danish multiinstrumentalist Hansen, and it’s the logical continuation of his former project Unveiled.

Unveiled released an album on the legendary World Serpent, made a collaboration LP with Nurse With Wound, a split LP with Of the Wand and the Moon, Sol Invictus, and Matt Howden, and released a CD in collaboration with the artist, Apache, and Church of Satan priest Stephen Johnson Leyba.
Slagskygge is Unveiled with an updated sound, both modern, old school, and timeless.

The Quiet War is an intense, forceful, and unique album, where filmic soundscapes meet a ritualistic atmosphere.

This album is only available on vinyl format.

1: Aviator
2: Landlines
3: Sinking Hope
4: Duster
5: Deepness In the Sky
6: Deepness of Madness
7: Deepbreath
8: Spectator
9: Hesitator
10: Teeth and Nails

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