Sonic Dimensions 1982-1985



Modern Art was a band-project formed in the early 80’s by Gary Ramon, also known for his band-projects WeR7, Mystery Plane, and latterly, Quad and Sun Dial, as well as working with Current 93 and Coil on their "Astral Disaster" album.

The sound is very unique as it combines the classic Minimal/Synth and Drum-elements with psychedelic/guitarrock that built the fundament for the later works as Sun Dial.
The band had a loose lineup and released two studio albums (one self-released called „Stereoland“ from 1987 and one on the german Out of Depression-Label in 1989) and a number of self-produced cassettes on Gary’s own Color Disc & Tapes label.
In 2011 the spanish label Domestica released a limited 320 copies LP primarily focussed on the minimal/synth output with tracks from 82-86.
This 3Lp-Box is now the chance to dig deeper into this musical output of Modern Art

§ Previously-Released Tape Recordings 1982-1985
A1 (Trying To Find) The Hidden World 4:02
A2 Hello/Goodbye 6:45
A3 Landscape From A Dream 4:01
A4 Sad Delusion 3:46
A5 Confrontation 3:45
A6 Oriental Towers 4:56
B1 Dreaming Again 4:00
B2 Still Life 3:28
B3 Fatal Crash Immersed The Start 8:13
B4 Search For A Soul 7:53
B5 Beach On The Horizon 4:02
§ Publisher Demos 1985
C1 Forbidden Universe 4:45
C2 Hello/Goodbye 5:34
C3 Confrontation 5:04
C4 Red Tornado 5:46
C5 Breakdown 6:32
D1 (Trying To Find) The Hidden World 3:56
D2 Dreams To Live 3:38
D3 Age Of Lights 6:18
D4 Sight And Sound 6:44
D5 Early Warning 6:16
§ Previously-Released Tape Recordings 1983-1986
E1 Stars (Dreaming Again) (Instrumental Version) 3:58
E2 Clear Light 5:29
E3 Driftwood (Publisher Demo) 5:16
E4 Dimensions Of Noise Soundtrack (Part 4) 5:22
E5 Barriers 4:53
E6 Beach On The Horizon (Publisher Demo) 3:03
F1 Forbidden Universe 3:41
F2 Harmony In Red 3:04
F3 Figure Of Eight 3:22
F4 Black Into White 2:56
F5 Vertikal Parallel 3:30
F6 Passing Days 2:45
F7 Vision 3:15
F8 Dimension (Edit) 1:51
F9 Calico Shadows 3:23
§ Dimensions Of Noise
DVD-1 Dimensions Of Noise 33:03

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