Gute Luft / Muskel [First Edition]


7" Vinyl (DR-57) - DRONE

TBC is the project of Thomas Beck, a veteran sound activist, based in Hamburg.
This 7" released in August 2002 on the German label Drone Records completes an already imposing discography on tape, LP, CD-ROM compilation...
Each track, in its own register, participates to the set-up of a strange sonic environment. Thus, 'Gute Luft' offers a long strange and mysterious soundscape, rhythmed by drones that indubitably evoke a natural element, through the use of recognisable insect noises... One easily lets the mind float whilst listening to this track on the contrary to 'Muskel 5', that integrates a deformed human voice marked by a tension that keeps coming and going, to the point of being almost physically palpable...
An excellent final track that majestically closes a total immersion in the heart of music that is propitious to inner travel.

Clear pink vinyl

A Gute Luft (6:12)
B1 Muskel 3 (2:17)
B2 Muskel 5 (4:35)

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