Pan ist Tod


10" Vinyl (OEMP 012) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 333 copies


  • Peter Pan

Do you think you can foresee how will sound the new Teatro Satanico’s songs ?
Do you think Teatro Satanico plays only elektronic music ?
Do you think Teatro Satanico has not more trick-or-treat to play on you ?
Do you know that PETER PAN was a real soldier and that he is dead and buried ?
Do you know that his grave is located on a mountain in Veneto, the Italian region where Teatro Satanico’s guys live ?
Don’t you believe it? Well, look to the photo of his grave on the cover of the new Teatro Satanico PAN IST TOD album !
Hardly to expect it, but these Italian devils recorded some real neo-folk tunes with a marching, pop touch this time !
And due to its peculiar oddity it will become a very unique feature into the official Teatro Satanico’s discography,
since here we are talking about “no-synthesizer musik”, the trademark of the previous Teatro Satanico releases.
Expect the unexpected ! Believe the unbelievable !
Once again Teatro Satanico proves to be one of the more original and unforeseeable contemporary post-industrial project
in a post-industrial scene full of poseurs, fake-artists and obvious predictable releases.
Beware of Teatro Satanico, they do bite your certainty!
The Line-Up for this Teatro Satanico release in alphabetical order was : Alberto M.K. / Ari / b3 / Devis G. / Loredana Bolzan / Sissy Biasin .
Good old Black Vinyl, limited to 333 numbered copies.

Tracklist .
A1 Peter Pan 4:33
A2 Pan 4:31
B1 Can Mort 5:07
B2 Soldati 3:45


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