The Goddess of Mercy / Bhairava Mantra



"San Jose, California's Dario Puga delivers blood-curdling Death-Goddess Worship music on a new split with Tokyo-based noise veteran Kazumoto Endo, each making extremely loud and disorienting aural torture that could easily be tried as crimes against humanity if heard outside of your own headphones.
Following up on his horror-influenced Botched Facelift project, Puga's Blood of Chhinamastika has been consistently shitting out an ear-splitting postmodern collage of synths, spoken word samples and distortion, frequently cutting up short clips in a hallucinogenic diarrhoea of high-volume noise walls.
Endo, on the other hand, is a master of rhythmic noise, looping loops on other loops with the suave syncopation of a booty-club DJ- albeit with a starkly limited palate of shrill atonality.
Either way, people are going to hate your guts if you play this record in any social setting.
It’s a great slab of wax for burning bridges like that"
*** Underscore Music magazine

Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio.

Beautiful Black & White swirl vinyl > see yourself photo of both vinyl sides!
accompanied by CD edition in paper sleeve.

A Kazumoto Endo – The Goddess Of Mercy 16:31
B1 Blood Of Chhinnamastika – Jails Without Walls 2:11
B2 Blood Of Chhinnamastika – Bhairava Mantra 4:57
B3 Blood Of Chhinnamastika – Trauma-Based Mind Control 4:31
B4 Blood Of Chhinnamastika – Hail 2:32
B5 Blood Of Chhinnamastika – Om Bagalamukhi 3:48

Same program repeats on CD

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