The Mental Answer 1



Limited Edition 316 copies

Observation Clinique was an abscure project by the Italian Pietro Mazzocchin.
In the early 80s Pietro Mazzocchin was very active in the industrial/noise scene.
He put out several cassettes under different moniker: Swastika Kommando, The New Sadism, Observation Clinique and also as Lyoto Music togheter with Pierpaolo Zoppo of the legendary Mauthausen Orchestra.
Some of his tapes were published by Broken Flag (UK), Recloose Organisation (UK) and Aquilifer Sodality (Italy).
In 1985 Pietro left the scene.
"Observation Clinique - The Mental Answer 1" was first published in 1984 by Recloose Organisation.

Music for psychotic states.
Compulsive noise signals, splinters of synthetic debris and obsessive electronics shocks makes "The Mental Answer 1" a mesmerizing experience.
The discipline for a damaged brain, an essential album for any industrial/experimental/noise fan.

180 gram black vinyl, includes a numbered A4 foldout insert with reproductions of original 80s artworks.

A Untitled 31:25
B Untitled 30:39

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