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7" Vinyl + CDr (BSC024) - EIBON

Limited Edition 300 copies

Rare BAD SECTOR album dated 2000.
One final copy on stock.

Static minimal/rythmic electronica and alien all-over-the-place spectrum of harmonic ambient textures.
The 7" EP offers Bad Sector's still unexplored rythmical side, with two tracks combining his usual electroharmonic audio phenomena with a thin, yet very present and expansive rythmic approach.
Wwhile the CD-R features 3 totally unreleased tracks from the "Dolmen" recording sessions finally seeing the light.

Limited hand-numbered edition of 300 copies

§ 7" Vinyl
A.   Hen 5:56
B.   Pan 5:03

§ CDr
1.   Egidea 5:24
2.   Lelia (20A Remix) 5:34
3.   Ibor (Coded) 5:00

This is rare!
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