Wahrnehmungen 1980/1981

Various Artists


Limited Edition 250 copies

Rare Vinyl Box released in 2012
We offer copy #206/500
NB: front cover has a small storage mark.

Excellent triple LP + 7” box (The box including the 7" was limited to only 250 copies) containing music from 5 separate cassette-only releases on the pre-selektion “wahrnehmungen” label by label-heads p.d. (later known as p16.d4.).
A gorgeous set, those wishing to witness the birth of the selektion universe via a selektion of noisy, lo-fi tape experiments & general pre/post-industrial sound-smithing should look no further.
members of the group p.d. (later renamed p16.d4) founded the label selektion in 1980.
using the name Wahrnehmungen the label released 19 cassettes in 1980/1981.
The tapes mostly presented experimental projects by members of the group and their collaborators.
This set features 5 of these cassettes, each taking one lp-side.
LP-side 6 can be seen as a virtual cassette: p16.d4 recordings from 1981, here released for the first time ever.

This is rare!
69.00 €
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