Zeta Reticuli (Red Marbled Vinyl)


LP (rur017) - TREUE UM TREUE

Limited Edition 315 copies

Four years and several intense live appearances after their much acclaimed debut CD on Punch Records, 1997EV are back, this time on vinyl, with a new masterpiece of pure minimal post-psychedelia.
“Zeta Reticuli” is a long, dark, trance inducing ritual journey verging on astral bad trip. Spooky, spacey, percussion-driven and guitar-loaded ballads unfold with a Voivod-like weirdness in the back of your mind, served by AndreaEV’s deep, hypnotizing vocals and an occasional drift of intoxicating Theremin sounds.
Reminiscent of Goblin and S/T, with a hint of Earth and an overall feel of early Ordo Equilibrio on LSD, those hallucinogenic cosmic flowers will leave their imprint burnt on the retina of your inner eye long after the record has stopped spinning.

Red Marbled Vinyl - Ltd. 315

A1 Ash Tray Black Sheep
A2 Shannon Eyes
A3 Agitronlux
A4 Mona Lisa 16
A5 On The Last Days
B1 No Phoenix Hiding Here
B2 Equinox 6
B3 Big Freeze Out
B4 Mary In Abstrakt Mono

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