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Old Europa Cafe is a free thinkers society
No Politics
No Religions
No Standards
Rodolfo / Old Europa Cafe


NB: Pordenone is located at about 70 kilometers North-Est from Venice,
about one hour by train from Venice.
Tickets at the door €15.-
Tickets on-line €15.- + DDP = €19,54

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Venue will be held once more inside the medieval deconsecrated church / monastery
of San Francesco in Pordenone - Italy
January 26 2019

Venue limited to an audience of 150, maybe few more...

OLD EUROPA CAFE stall offering a wide range of stuff from our mail-order.

NB: if you decide to visit venue you can reserve whatever you want from our mail-order!
We will put items aside for you and also allow a bit of CONGRESSO discout on the whole...
Place NOW your reservations!


§ ELECTRIC SEWER AGE - Presnts Coil / Aural Rage 10" Lathe-Cut 
Two wonderful tracks in best Danny Hyde / COIL traditions.
Limited edition of 48 hand-numbered copies on 2mm thick white vinyl for a Shiny Moon perception....

§ NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - Stem Cell 10" Lathe-Cut
Two ritual-ambient tracks reminding to: inner visions, eternity, self-renewal, water..
Limited edition of 23 hand-numbered copies on thin 1mm clear vinyl for a non palpable & transparent perception...

§ AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT - Essence of Rituals  LP (hopefuly ready by that time)
A couple of special editions in different vinyl colours plus aditional AMF stuff...

§ SPK - Live at the Crypt / London - April 25 1981  CD
For the first time on CD, This is an authorised re-edition of the very first album by the band which was released as a tape on STERILE Records (the label run by Nigel Ayers / Nocturnal Emissions) in 1981.
Sounds on this CD was re-mastered by Nigel Ayers from the original tapes.

NB: Those albums will be first & exclusively offered at the venue!
Please avoid to ask for reservations if you are not planing to visit venue!
Unsold copies will be offered later on through our web-shop.

The CONGRESSO is YOU / Come do the CONG!


Enjoy some live extracts by great artists who was performing the CONGRESSO
in the past >>>

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