1988 - 1991

K.O.P. (Kultur Operating Penis)

Music Cassette (TRIBE 024) - TRIBE TAPES

K.O.P. is a Japanese rhythmic noise / power electronics project active since the late 1980s.
They were involved with a small network of noise artists revolving around the DBD Records label, also known for acts such as Bloody Cum and Graveyard.
"1988 - 1991" is a compilation of tracks previously issued on underground cassettes.
Violent and very rythmic noise.
A must-have for fans of extreme industrial.

Transparent purple C62 cassette professionally duplicated in real-time.

A1  Video Mania (Excerpt)
A2  Esnose-Seg
A3  Fashion
A4  Nock My Teoce
A5  Raper
A6  Ddrplate Attack
A7  Fuckin Children (Excerpt)
A8  Specialfucktrack
B1  Woman's Song
B2  Ass Dance
B3  Mao Rao
B4  Oral Rape (Excerpt)
B5  Strong Will
B6  She Puts Me On The Rack
B7  1990 Oral Attack
B8  Reek Of Her Mouth

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