Anticitizen Number One



Limited Edition 300 copies

A hard-boiled compilation by Marco Deplano's Wertham.
The release includes "Maladolescenza" 7" (Deathangle Absolution Records, 2014), "Ivs Primae Noctis / Wertham" 7" (Trips Und Träume, 2008), Anticitizen CDr (Misanthrope Studio, 2007), Body Jigsaw CDr (L. White Records, 2007), and two exclusive tracks featuring Psywarfare and Folkstorm. 

Limited to 300 copies in a glossy 4-panel Digipak - Includes Poster!

1.  Anticitizen Number One (Feat. Psywarfare)
2.  Vocational Hostility (Feat. Folkstorm)
3.  Love With The Hammer (Feat. Grey Wolves & Con-Dom)
4.  Man-Ho'-Rexia
5.  Tears Of An Iron Winged Butterfly (Feat. John Murphy)
6.  Anticitizen
7.  Cleanse The Social Parasite
8.  Patient Zero
9.  Antisocial Number One
10.  Perfect Skin (Feat. DBPIT)
11.  She Is A Dancer... (Feat. Sickness)
12.  Body Jigsaw
13.  The Blind Beast
14.  Council Flat
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