CD Digipak + Mini Poster (OCCD56) - OLD CAPTAIN

Limited Edition 200 copies

Special edition including Poster - Limited to 200 copies

A retrospective edition of Moral Order's tracks featured on the EPs by Cloister Records and a compilation track from Beläten labels, alongside self-released and unreleased tracks recorded during 2017-2020

Best dark-ambient industrial by Spanish cult project run by Fernando O. Paino who might be known also for his other minimal-electro project: DA-SEIN.

1.  About Degradation and Death 03:41
2.  The Fire Is Still Burning 03:03
3.  1941
4.  Content 03:48
5.  Black Fire 03:56
6.  The Frame 05:14
7.  A Lie That Poisons You
8.  Into The Void
9.  冠状病毒
10.  A Distant Problem Coming From China
11.  Stalker 03:06
12.  Tiberius' Dream

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