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2xCD Digipack (AB 053) - AUERBACH

Re-release of the second Camerata Mediolanense album including a bonus CD with rare tracks.
This album was released back in 1996 and is still one of the very best Neoclassic albums ever ! True European music !
The quality of Camerata in their music stile is unique and no other group was able to achieve such results …
Fanfare, Drums, super wonderful Vocals especially the female ones, Cembalo plus other classic instruments, simpy majestic sounds and exquisite compositions.

Track list :
1. Fuoco 8:15
2. Alta Guardia 4:29
3. La Magnifica Aurora 2:57
4. Guerriero 3:19
5. Rappresentazione 6:13
6. La Veritá Nascosta 3:37
7. Balcani in Flamme 4:39
8. La Sospesa 7:24
9. Il Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna 2:52

Bonus CD
1. Salve, mundi domine, Caesar noster, ave
2. L’homme armé (versione)
3. Eroi
4. Il lupo (live)
5. La demolizione delle idee (live)

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