My Beloved Ghost


CD Digipack (Ván79) - VAN

Issued first on Bathetic via cassette, My Beloved Ghost was the debut of TJ Cowgill's King Dude project.
My Beloved Ghost was a release near and dear to our hearts, and really opened the world up to King Dude.
King Dude is making, hands down, some of the best modern neo-folk.
Fans of Death In June, Sol Invictus, & Blood Axis are going to love this.
However dark the music of King Dude, it's never cheesy, and to an extent, I'd say the tongue is firmly in cheek.
Keep in mind it is called KING DUDE.
His songs are incredibly well-written and catchy as hell.

The heavy vinyl version for the real collector!

Tracklist :
A1 My Beloved Ghost
A2 On Faith
A3 Sator Formula
A4 Our Everlasting Life

B1 Why Must I Go On
B2 Harry Rag
B3 Black Triangle
B4 Never Let You Go
B5 Into The Morrow

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