7 Kisses


CD in 7" Cover (EE02) - EE TAPES

Limited Edition 325 copies

Christian Renou might be better known for his BRUME project.
Renou is Brume in reverse: Brume always stated that everything was analogue and no samplers were used, but for his new work, under his real name he states 'no analog stuff used'. 'These recordings were the first experiments made with old, defective and more recent computers'.
It doesn't say wether it's the computers making music or that it's made with software running on defective computers.
The seven pieces flow into each other which makes it hard to note the difference between each track.
Flow is also what this music does.
All of the sounds are faded into eachother, loops swirl in and swirl out again.
Dense industrial sounds.

1  Part 1 7:43
2  Part 2 14:07
3  Part 3 10:17
4  Part 4 9:10
5  Part 5 18:51
6  Part 6 6:17
7  Part 7 6:01

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