Anthems Flesh

7JK [Sieben / Matt Howden + Job Karma]


7JK is a head-on collision of Sieben / Matt Howden (UK) and Job Karma (PL).
Looping violin and warm vocals mix seamlessly with electronics and an industrial edge.
"Anthems Flesh" sounds like these two well-loved artists combining, but also completely new: Something different has been born here.
This new band will take all concerned to new heights: Powerful, intense, aggressive, mellow.
Simply, great songs, a wealth of emotions, an amazing meeting of two mindsets.

1. Dirt City
2. Dear Claire
3. Krau
4. Wroclaw in the rain
5. End of the year
6. Organ madness
7. Boxed in green
8. Maid of Orleans
9. Planning for zombie apocalypse
10. The world's pain
11. Anthems flesh
12. 47 Words for Sheffield
13. Dirt reprise

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