No less than All


CD Digipack (R008CD) - REDROOM

SIEBEN are back with their 10th album in their 13-years career.
"No less than All" is an album of vast emotional temperature.
Cold, hard, cynical.
Searing hot and impassioned.
This new work from Matt Howden delivers everything you want from that Sieben sound. There's a new edginess to ‘No Less Than All’, it has the raw anger of Hellfires, the ritual hypnotic beauty of ‘Ogham Inside The Night’, but it is fiercely new.
Truly, that passion and intensity of a live Sieben show come across more than ever here.

01 Music is Light
02 Preacher online
03 I saw a Face
04 Vonnegut
05 Transmission
06 Shake the Tree
07 Black Dog Day
08 No ordinary Life
09 He can delve in Hearts
10 In a Train
11 No less than All
12 Music is Light, Part II (play me again)

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