Das Sturmläuten



Finest Military Pop!
After a first split release with Kristian Giorgini (‘…and still remain’), KARMA MARATA, an exceptional new discovery from Erfurt / Germany, now presents an album of 11 tracks of captivating ‘melodramatic pop meets military pop’ of extra class with both German and English vocals.

01. Feld von Blut und Eisen
02. Believe me my dear he is in the flames
03. She's like a whisper (the secret lady)
04. Der schwarze Turm
05. Das Sturmläuten
06. Herbstlaub
07. No faces in the shadows
08. Das letzte Siegel ist gebrochen
09. A ray of hope (with husen)
10. Wo die Masken fallen
11. Rome's Rising (with spreu & weizen)

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