VALENCE [Gnomonclast]

CD Digipack (LK 008) - LICHTERKLANG

The special collectors edition Box for the real fanatics !

Special cardboard Box including:
- Standard CD
- Pro-prined bonus CDr with 7 exclusive tracks
- Sticker

Valence ist he musical union of N2 Itinitl and Sasha Feline, well known for their works with GNOMONCLAST and LUFTWAFFE.
The instrumental basis of the rough songs is laid by drums, acoustic guitar, accordeon and a virtuos flute.
Only now and then orchestral samples are being used to complete the overall impression. Along the rough charme of their initial neofolk roots, VALENCE fascinate by their powerful drumming which contrasts with the melancholic and fragile melodies.
Especially the male vocals perfectly celebrate the nihilistic charachter of the music between sufferance and aggression, giving proof that neofolk arose from the ashes of the postpunk movement, while the female vocals emphasize the beauty of the moment. „Allogene“ is a rough and unpolished diamond of original and passionate neofolk, based on it’s powerful arrangements and the balance of the obvious contradictions.

§ CD
1. Allogene
2. Flicker
3. Paths Of Eden
4. The One Before The Last
5. Unto The Nations
6. Rose Of Tehran
7. Lambs
8. Grimland
9. The End
10. A Stem Is Cut
11. Seed of Blood
12. Death Is Longer
13. Ambaryalia
14. Fates Windsome Ballad

§ Bonus CDr :
1. Asleep In The Orchard
2. Away
3. Life Is Long
4. Voyager
5. Analemma
6. New Day
7. Forever Bind

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