Acid Until I Rot


CD Digipak (4iB CD/0517/029) - 4iB

Limited Edition 250 copies

This blackened noise release hails from Indiana and comprises duo Cory Rowell and Evan Price.
It features 13 tracks of pure evil sounding industrial churn of grim and hatred.
Akin to what your worst nightmares are made of, nightmarish visions of nefarious delirium manifest through the extreme electronic soundscapes and eerie chants to low frequency growls of hatred.
This darkened industrial noise release absorbs you into a sonic environment of relentless nihilistic mayhem that destroys the human soul.

1 The Vicious Cycle Of Life Into Death 4:31
2 Autopsy Bride 3:17
3 Vampyrrhic 3:19
4 Mummification Rites 0:39
5 Fun Loving, Self Loathing 0:37
6 Sick Sun Omen II 3:49
7 Infinite Suffering In The Resurrection Body 3:56
8 Ghost Fog 1:38
9 Body Horror 5:56
10 Serpent Bloodlines 2:37
11 Burning Churches 3:08
12 Chagas Kiss 2:06
13 Trampled Under Cloven Hooves II 4:19

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