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Limited Edition 200 copies

C.M.E.R. is an exploration of duality: an album that explores both darkness and light. An album that weaves a deftly spun web of both uplifting quasi-classical synth work with bleaker, more industrial tones.
The first track is a cold, metallic, disorienting pulse of overloaded oscillators.
Slow rumbling looped drones give the track an almost rhythmic pattern.
A slow funerary march into the apocalypse.
The second track is the sound of a condemned man being released from purgatory and into the light.
Slowly the shackles that bound him are cast aside and the slow ascent begins.
An ascent of beautiful melodies that flicker at first through the darkness that attempts to bind; before casting it off completely and heralding a new dawn.

M.B. seems possessed by the same desire to push back against the pestilence as he was against the technocratic slavery he recognised as a young man.
"C.M.E.R." will please those who are interested in both his bleaker, harsher early works and those who enjoy his more spiritual forays into sound art.
A powerful work consisting of both damnation and salvation.

Limited edition of 200 copies.

1. Cainocide Menus 29:47
2. Existat Regurs 29:30

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