Who doesn't listen to the song, will hear the storm...


CD Digipack (RAGE 70) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

The second album by "Across The Rubicon".
After some long period of silence ATR is coming back with new material, natural continuation of the style known from the debut.
Orchestral arrangements, bombastic rhythms, strong martial accents and melancholic atmospheres.
Music, lirycs and artwork are related to the dark time of Great War 1914-1918, first worldwide conflict, which was to be the last one...

1.Hic Vivi Taceant. Hic Mortui Loquuntur
2.Marching At Home
5.Glory, Disillusionment and Despair
6.Aut Vincere, Aut Mori
7.Here Dead We Lie
8.The Silence
9.A Moth To A Flame
10.Mors Est Quies Viatoris, Finis Est Omnis Laboris

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