Epi Thanaton


CD Digipack (RIE94) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

Apocalyptic ritual and neoclassical art composed with sounds of human bones, acoustic instruments, ambient sounscapes evoke the essence of esoteric sympan like a rite for the apokryphon pneuma.
The second album of Dark Awake " Epi Thanaton" thematicaly and musicaly it's about Typhonian witchcraft, Necronomicon, Sumerian mythology, Runes, Qabalah and others subjects...
With "Epi Thanaton" borns a new kind of style: "Apocalyptic Ritual Music".

01. Anaphexaton Primeumaton
02. Epi Thanaton
03. Freya's Aettir
04. Sigillum of Cutha
05. Mithraic Mystica
06. Kia Mass Ssaratu
07. Ichor
08. Medea
09. Spheres Of Qlippoth

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