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Dark Awake was formed in 2001 by Shelmerdine.
In 2005 a self-released demo CD was released entitled "Bleeding Silence" (currently
Dark Awake participated in the postwave compilation "Audiobook 1" (released in 2006) with a cover on the Celtic lulaby "All The Pretty Little Horses" which demonstrated ethereal vocals and a mystical background.
The debut CD entitled "Meseonas" is a mystical journey with majestic/pompous feeling explores the macabre fantasies from the nocturnal macrocosm of imagination.
The ritual of life as a sacrifice of will towards the totality of infinite possibility ...
Mystical, Medieval, Martial & Majestic ....

track list
º Alpha and Omega
º Requiem
º Mourn the Loss of Ishtar
º Angelicus Elegia
º Meseonas
º Tetractys
º Battle the Disease
º Nigrum Serpentis
º Evangelicum of times
º Shabbat
º All the Pretty Little Horses (Cover version)
º Ashes of Solstice

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