May the Blood of Many a Valiant Knight be Avenged


Cd Digipak (TW 1.132) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

Limited re-issue of the band’s third album, thematically based on the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACKs third album explores the early experimentation with authentic instruments, incorporating percussion, guitar and various woodwinds and whistles.
Immaturely conceived, the album maintains a farcical and theatrical approach projecting its own entertaining and enchanting character. Includes four bonus tracks including a rendering of the celebrated Irish folk song, The March of Brian Boru.

1 This Is A Tale...
2 Enter The Green Knight
3 To Strike One Stroke For Another
4 A Twelvemonth Of Fear For The Next Year
5 Rejoice
6 Victory Is Mine!
7 Foreshadow
8 Now Sets Off A Noble Knight
9 Sorrow With Summer Comes
10 Sir Gawain Bores His Emblem Bright
11 He Rides For The Table Round
12 A Castle Most Comely
13 We Welcome Thee, Sir Gawain
14 There Was Meat, Mirth And Much Joy
15 The Good Hosts Deal
16 The Lord, His Host, Leads The First Hunt
17 Fair Pastimes They Pursue
18 She Kisses The Knight So True
19 With Many A Brave Blast They Boast Their Prize
20 Sweet Melody
21 Gallant And True Sir Gawain Still
22 Off To The Wood Away
23 Gracious Gawain Gives Thanks...
24 Now The New Year Draws Near
25 In His Richest Raiment
26 That Princely Steed
27 Warning From The Man That Rode Nearby
28 The Chapel Green
29 What A Place Accursed
30 Strike Once More
31 Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
32 The Green Knight Fails At The Third Throw
33 Hony Soyt Qui Mal Pense
34 Gawain Sets Out Anew
35 Gromer Somer Jour
36 The Wytches Toil
37 A Castle Most Comely (Revisited)
38 The March Of Brian Boru

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