The Kingdom & Its Fey


CD Digipak (TW 1.131) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

Limited re-issue of THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACKs debut album, originally published by Cruel Moon International (Cold Meat Industry). The album documents the early passion and atmosphere cultivated by the band and their foray into synthetically created medieval-inspired sounds.
Raw in its inception, and at times almost cartoonish in its approach, the album remains celebrated for the unique aura it presents.
Features one bonus track.

1 Odde Feormie
2 Bite Irena, Wide Feran
3 The Village Courtyard
4 Annwyfn
5 At That Fiery Pond
6 Burh Stede Beated
7 Behold Thou My Crest
8 To Thy Queen
9 Atop Mount Snowdon
10 Fig & Jig In The Miller's Tavern
11 The Charm Of Making
12 Ecce, Victoria
13 Redivivus 'Ole Norwich, The Triumph Of Horamane
14 Dragone Arte
15 Dance O' Lord & Lady
16 He Shall Be King
17 A Hymn To Dechtire
18 Because The World Is So Untrue, I Go My Way So Full Of Rue
19 Adieu, And Off To Battle
20 The Stolen Princess Sleeps
21 Summoning The Dragons Of Wyth
22 The Greenest Hilltop
23 Distillation Of Lady Luna In The Vessel
24 Homonuculus
25 They Take Their Own Path Home
26 Earthe took of Earthe

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