Mirror of the Middle Ages



Originally published in a limited edition vinyl format one year earlier, this CD edition represents the band's sixth official full-length release.
This CD edition also differs from the original vinyl edition, in that it features a different track listing and design.
Notable is the electronic and bombastic contemporary version of "Palistinalied (21st Century Remix)."
"Mirror of the Middle Ages" is composed of several original works as well as a variety of traditional pieces interpreted by the band, ranging from the early medieval period all the way up to the Renaissance, while expressing both the sacred and the profane.
Both : archaic and timeless !

Track list :
1. Ring Around the Rosey
2. So Saith the Song of Sigurd
3. Kyrie Eleison
4. Pastime with Good Company
5. Solus Maestitia Desperatio
6. Tempus Est Iocundum
7. Jubilation of Earthly Delights
8. Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
9. In Taberna Quando Sumus
10. Palastinalied
11. Dum Pater Familias
12. Palastinalied (21st Century Remix)

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