Under Mournful Horizons


CD Digipack (RIE91) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

"Giuseppe Verticchio / NIMH" is a brilliant Italian underground musician specialised in organic / visceral ambient tales.
He is notably known for his collaboration with Maurizio Bianchi and modern experimental electronic artists (Nefelheim, Baghiri from Italy...).
He released more than 10 albums (between 2001 & 2007, including collaborative projects). His charged, orchestrated abstract universe features dynamic musical motifs (from acoustic percussions, exotic instruments to e-guitar), electronic dronescapes.
His work is now called ambient-electronic-ethnic-experimental music. 

"Day Before Us" is an acoustic micro-tonal ambient project formed in 2010.
The musical signature is turned to solemn soundscaping ritualism, dada-esque hypnopedies and soundtracky ambiences.
The content is sometimes sustained by digital field recordings.
All tracks are recorded live.
The main sources of inspiration come from odd literature, ghostly presence, angelology, cinematic poetry and the magical realism.
Day Before Us means the everlasting power of ancient time which saves us from the amnesia of everyday life.

An Uncertain Dawn
Surrounded by a Moonless Night
In The Court of A Sorrowful Season
Under Mounrnful Horizons
Frozen Gleams of Eternity

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