The Empty Circle Part III - Anytia [special edition]


CD in Wooden Box (RAGE 74 / SE) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

The special limited collectors edition.
Special Wooden box including :
§ the standard CD
§ additional CD released by Portuguese label Lurker's Realm.
The Joy of Nature’s CD has been recorded in remembrance of their first concert that took place on mainland Portugal.
The publication was exclusively offered to the event audience.
Now, it has become available on this special edition
§ Joy of nature Badge.

§ The Empty Circle Part III - Anitya
1 A New Dawn Out Of The Noise
2 From The Dark Caves, Part I
3 Impermanence
4 This Floating World
5 Flames And Ashes
6 At The Fireplace
7 Joy In This World
8 From The Dark Caves, Part II
9 Silence Descending
10 The Empty Cloud
11 From The World Of Shadows To The Light

§ A Evasão Das Fadas
1 Nuvens Cheias De Fadas
2 All The Pretty Little Horses
3 Cançao Do Desassossego
4 La Noche Interminable
5 A Evasão Das Fadas
6 Inspirando O Teu Nome
7 O Sono Dos Cegos
8 Blood Red Bird
9 A Outra Margem Do Rio
10 Cançao Da Experiencia

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