Vodka Likes Smoke


CD Digipack (RAGE 51) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

Poor alcohol and smoky interior of a pub.
The common despair shouted out in rare moments of sobriety.
The terrible, absurd atmosphere of Poland in 50’s and 60’s of last century.
Young people, poets, writers, painters and musicians thrown out of „happy and ideal” society created by communistic authorities.
People sinking their dreams in vodka.
The works of those damned: Kazimierz Raton (1942-1983), Marek Hlasko (1934-1969) and Edward Stachura (1937-1979) was inspiration for this moving album.
Musically it is a perfectly blended mix of cold wave, neofolk, pop and even echoes of decadent cabaret with different guest vocals.

Tracklist :
1 The Hang-Over 2:49
2 White Rooms 4:41
3 I Have Nothing Any More 3:54
4 The Terrified Ground 5:20
5 The Dead Base 7:55
6 Drink Or Die 5:33
7 Bonfires Die Out 3:54
8 1996 7:11

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