CD Digipack (RIE79) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

PALE ROSES is a neofolk project originated from France.
It is based on music of the acoustic guitar, piano and vocals.
The lyrics have been inspired by history (the First and the Second World Wars) and mythology (Celtic, Nordic and Greek).
This is second official release by Pale Roses, contains 11 tracks about the war, melancholy and the pagan origins of Europe.
They was clarely influencend and sounds a bit in the way of Sol Invictus, Fire+Ice, Death in June, Current 93 but also to older songwriters such Nick Drake, Nico or Richard Thompson.

01. Here we are
02. A time to love and a time to kill
03. Rise (for Madame Blavatsky)
04. Red Eve
05. Summer of 64
06. Doctor Dee
07. Elsie Wright
08. Uri Geller
09. Montague Rhodes James
10. Fire in the moor
11. The cruel Mother

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