Forgotten Taste of the Province


CD Digipack (RAGE 78) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

A release that discusses Polish province and a bit of decadence.
It is a short essay about the past and declining relationships between what is now and what has gone in the past.
It is about broken relationships between friends who unexpectedly appear in our lives once more.
We are connected by one thing – where we come from.

Outofsight discography :
- Outofsight - "Vodka Like Smoke" Rage in Eden Records digipack CD
- Krępulec / Outofsight - "Furious Friends" Twilight Records digipack CD
- Krępulec / Outofsight - "Furious Friends" Beast of Prey CDr 2007
- V/A - "Brewary in Piotrków Trybunalski" Beast of Prey DCD 2006
- Mushroom's Patience / Outofsight - spli War Office Propaganda CD 2006
- V/A - "Gloria Victis Vae Victis" War Office Propaganda CD 2005
- Outofsight - ST Silver Charisma Records MCDr 2004

Hotel de Prusse discography :
- Division S / Hotel De Prusse - "Siloah" War Office Propaganda digipack CDr

Outofsight - Old Crew (Svaboda)
Outofsight - Gorillo Heroin
Hotel de Prusse - Początek
Hotel de Prusse - Soyuz
Hotel de Prusse - Silent
Outofsight - Old Typewriter
Outofsight - Polish Splin [MP3]
Outofsight - Black February
Outofsight - Swindle Gesture
Hotel de Prusse - Lekcja
Hotel de Prusse - Memoria [MP3]
Hotel de Prusse - Greatz

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