The Cosmic Trident


CD Digipack (LK021) - LICHTERKLANG

„The Cosmic Trident“ is the second album of AELDABORN, consequently following the path of their debut „Fountain Of Darkened Fires“.
Now consisting of Thomas Lückewerth, Philomela, Sepp Funkel, S. Dante and Axel Burgard AELDABORN celebrates old ancient myths by the poignant use of martial influenced Dark Folk and Ritual music which leads the listener to Viking Kings („Hakonarmal“), the finnish Kalevala („Vainamoinen“), the mountain tops of the Hindu goddess Shiva („The Cosmic Trident“), the funeral rites of the tibetian Bön („Mound Of Bones“) or to the hidden doctrine of the Qlipoth („Satariel“).
In addition to the diverse vocals of the band, guest performances by Frater Eremor (“Im Kraftstrom des Satan-Set“) and Asenath Mason (Foundress of „Temple Of The Ascending Flame“) put even more emphasis on the mythical and spiritual direction of the album.
The sound is characterized by guitars, violin and drums in combination with the passionate lyrics, changing between melancholy, heros and aggression.
The album will be released with exclusive paintings of the finnish artist Veera Pitkänen in an elaborate digipak and booklet.

1. Thu Ert Ae …
2. Hakonarmal
3. Satariel
4. Letters Of Indulgence
5. Gleam Of Distant Stars
6. Tochter der Sterne
7. Vainamoinen
8. The Cosmic Trident
9. Mound Of Bones
10. Idunna, Unveiled
11. A Runic Ode
12. Vita Stenar
13. … Visastr Vera!

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