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Between 2009 and 2010 NIEMANDSVATER created a cycle of interpretations for the Songs of „Innocence and Experience“ from William Blake.
„Zeitenlos“ represents a reflection about the aesthetic of time, transience and the consequential fate of mankind.
Withal it is revealing the love for the idea of a forgotten felt and idealistic human greatness. The topics of the album twine mythically around an ideal temporality and temporal ideals and portray a quest for cultural and human beauty.
With minimalistic classical music and some inspirations from the world of sounds of the greek-roman antiquity „Zeitenlos“ forms an elegiacal and dreamy atmosphere.
The vocals of Christoph Lotte, as the centre of the compositions, are accompanied on the piano and the sounds of lyra, trumpet, percussion instruments and subtle ambiente effects.

1. Echo I
2. Zeitenlos
3. Der tanzende Stern
4. Das Gewand
5. Arete
6. Sturmzeit
7.Et In Arcadia Ego
8. Strahle!
9. Salvator Mundi
10. Echo II

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