Il Giardino Ermeneutico


CD Digipack (HSL056) - HIC SUNT LEONES

The third collaboration with Zeit displays a wonderful and unique combination between acoustic sounds, field recordings and airy gentle electronic sounds.
The sonic result maintains the natural atmospheres of the original acoustic recordings, done at the time of the Raag drone theory's sessions in Lunigiana, Italy at Chiostro dell’Annunziata and the Wood Sanctuary in August 2006.
Here the treatments enriche the mixture with a new sensible touch that subtly transports the listener towards an enchanted and multi-dimensional place for relaxation.

1 I Racconti Del Vento (I) 8:25
2 I Racconti Del Vento (II) 10:43
3 I Racconti Del Vento (III) 12:48
4 La Fontana Dei Cipressi 18:56
5 Punto Di Fusione 14:26
6 Una Visione D'Ambra 9:20

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