Chamber Music


CD Digipack (IF-31 ) - INFINITE FOG

Finally a new album by this wonderful Italian band.
Their quiet melancholic music will be the perfect introduction for the autumn.
"Chamber Music" was recorded 10 (yes 10!) years ago and was supposed to be released on Cold Meat Industry.
But it was never released due to copyright problems as all lyrics was taken from James Joyce's collection of poems called 'Chamber Music'.
To release this album it was necessary to get the permission of the actual copyright owner, Joyce's nephiew Stephen but such permission was denied in the past even to bigger artists such as Kate Bush.
For that reason the band decided to write new lyrics and record all vocal parts again, on that way on the base of "Chamber Music" was born "As You're Vanishing in Silence", their debut album on CMI in 2005, which got really many very positive feedbacks.
Finally now, 10 years later, 70 years after Joyce's death, the album is released as first concived without any other rights problems ...

Tracklist :
1 We Were Grave Lovers
2 From Dewy Dreams
3 Rain Has Fallen All The Day
4 Love Came To Us
5 At That Hour
6 Strings In The Earth And Air
7 All Day I Hear The Noise Of Waters
8 Because Your Voice
9 Sleep Now
10 The Twilight
11 Gentle Lady, Do Not Sing

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