Fossilized in Concrete 1995-2006


LP (tut012) - TREUE UM TREUE

Created as an attempt to document an alternative history (or shall we say another dimension) of popular electronic music, ALONE from Belgrade have been active both as a performing and recording project since 1994 and already have to their credit numerous tape and CDR releases, including 5 full-length albums.
Their style, eluding any pre-conceived categorisation, is a unique brand of high-tech electro-wave, allying the pathos and weirdness of KIRCHOHMFELD, the complexity and killing beat-programming of LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS and the unpredictability of PIERRE NORMAL.
TREUE UM TREUE is very proud to present ALONE’s first ever vinyl release, a selection of 9 tracks spanning a period of almost 12 years, from the first demos down to the latest album.
Definitely pop but never easy, futurist and neo-romantic at times, ALONE’s music remains through the years as unfamiliar and utterly compelling as the post-apocalyptic landscapes it tells us about.
Like a voice from the outer world, ALONE takes us to the nexus in time and space where each may find their Golden Path.

Special crystal clear vinyl with cartoon-insert.

Traklist :
Side A
A1 - Abandoned Face
A2 - Roland
A3 - Inspiracija
A4 - Vodi Me
A5 - Longing For Emptiness

Side B
B1 - Survival
B2 - Black Night
B3 - Asketobioza
B4 - Aeon Wave

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