The Dark Side Of Dreaming


CD in DVD sized Digipack (IF-17) - INFINITE FOG

"The tracks are consisting of a few of the poems and stories taken from my book ”The Dark Side of Dreaming”, which is a book with very personal poems and sureal stories, also poems and stories inspired by decadence.
The inspiration comes from my own experiences, childhood fears and sadnesses, own sensual experiences, night-time thoughts of loneliness etc...
A lot of my creative works are inspired by my dreams, thus the title ’The Dark Side of Dreaming’.
I generally am very inspired by dark art and surreal visions because this is what i know, it has always been with me.
So to me the dark is something very familiar.
Like many other artists and writers, I use art as therapy, to heal and comfort own wounds.
I like to think that my art connects to other deep thinking individuals who feel the same." - Andrea Nebel (Andrea Haugen / Aghast / Nebelhexe).

Tracklist :
1 In My Dreams I'm Free
2 All For A Second
3 My Vampire
4 Some Time Ago We Did Meet
5 Late...
6 Sometimes
7 Ghostlover
8 My Dark-Eyed Lover
9 Fear
10 Proud...
11 Out There
12 The Girl In The Mirror

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