Anna Kogler Found in the River


CD Digipak (PT:328) - PHAGE TAPES

Limited Edition 300 copies

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Approaching a The Rita release provides the exposed with a lurid glimpse into a realm of endlessly focusing obsession.
The glint of a tooth in a wash of spray, the slashing of a blade followed in moments by a surge, the shine dancing up a stiletto following lines to a stockinged thigh, but it’s rarely the full story, usually a snapshot of that instance of focus, meticulous descriptions, or just a title and image, a few frenzied minutes, or hours of consideration over every thread – all shreds of the evidence.
To have three of these frustratingly scarce documents brought together displays parallels throughout works and also underlines fascinating differences between each release.

As maximized in impenetrability as The Rita harsh noise minimalism is, there is always a sense that there’s something more complex below the violent surfaces, the hidden that animates the ranges of textures and environments possible within such strict parameters.
Each release is like a snapshot in a dossier, piecing together the motives - details unraveling into darker mysteries that reveal paths connecting other releases.
These recordings sonically expose tensions and balances, manipulations of layers – the staggering changes between slight twists tighter, the phantom geometries unique to each listener as you release any expectation of narrative and pursue an experience of variance in the constant immediate density of sound structure.
Sam McKinlay through his legendary The Rita project and Phage Tapes bring together three rare, monolithic and relentlessly powerful documents of harsh noise brutality onto one digital Compact Disc edition that true noise listeners will need in their archives.
-Nick Henry (NYC)

1 Anna Christie 15:06
2 Albert Kogler 14:08
3 El Charro De Las Calaveras 15:03
4 Screaming Skulls From The Creek 15:02

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