Gothenburg-based multi-instrumentalist and sound sculptor Linus Andersson is a busy man.
Not only does he beat the drums for goth-Industrialist outfit Coph Nia, and work as a sound engineer and producer for everything from hair metal to contemporary art music, he also plays in a bunch of punk bands.

No wonder his own neofolk project, Apatheia, seems to suffer from? well, apathy. Despite existing for about a decade, it has only produced a few releases, in highly limited editions on highly obscure labels.
But as anyone who has heard any of this material knows, they have been well worth tracking down.
Apatheia's songs are typically well arranged and well played, with a strong sense of melody and sound.
A song like "Rot in the Core" is worth the entire productions of some of the neofolk outfits out there.

This is what main man Andersson has to say for himself:
"Originally released in an edition of 100 copies by Stridulum Recordings in 2003, Lifethesis consists of some of the earliest Apatheia material, recorded in Linköping between 2001 and 2002.
The recording quality is rough and the performances are often spontaneous and not always perfect - and all for the better!
I considered remastering the album, but quickly realized that it did more harm than good. To me, these old bedroom recordings have a certain quality to them that couldn't have been reproduced in a proper studio setting."

While his musical merits speak for themselves, there is more that makes Apatheia a bit unique in the world of neofolk.
In a genre obsessed with symbols of power, conquest and control, Apatheia (the term denotes a state of detachment from the world) is all about retreating to one's bedroom, to regroup and plot one's revenge against everyone and everything.
A bit like punk, only less noisy, less smelly and let's admit it less silly.

1 By Strife 3:18
2 Misanthropy Without Tears 3:12
3 One Two Three 2:14
4 Our Time 2:24
5 And I Fear Death No More 3:45
6 Kraken 5:06
7 Ascendancy 2:43
8 Mirth 3:53
9 Mr. Brown Looks Awfully Pale Today 2:16
10 Spectator 3:16
11 This Cannot Be 3:42
12 Storm Is Coming 5:22
13 Someone's Watching In The Distance 1:58

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