New Dawn



Awake the New Dawn!
Aeterna is a new apocalyptic folk outfit from Germany, born in 2007.
In the beginning it was intended to be the strictly personal musical outlet for founding member Birthe Klementowski, well-known from her artwork for Cold Meat Industry’s Desiderii Marginis, :Golgatha: and Dawn & Dusk Entwined, but the dynamics between Alpha and Omega brought forth something new.
The dark and brooding atmospheres invoke the mood of decline and decay, a direct resemblance to the artist’s photography.
The album ‘New Dawn’ ultimately presents 11 songs about the decline and rebirth of culture.

The music of Aeterna is based on ritualistic and shamanistic structures, mainly acoustic sounds, and invoking chants – all based on the dualistic principle of male and female energy – Alpha & Omega.
Aeterna is a trans-modern, neo-shamanistic, animistic art project.
A Luciferian hymnus to awake the New Dawn…

Tracklist :
01 - Invocation (3:21)
02 - End of Days (3:46)
03 - New Dawn (3:04)
04 - Waves (2:57)
05 - Wild Hunt (4:43)
06 - Wolfcross (3:13)
07 - Transition (4:13)
08 - Ultimate Will (3:18)
09 - Usura (4:18)
10 - Fire (3:56)
11 - Tears (7:15)

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